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DATE: 12/01/2009 08:51:25 PM

Yes, I receive the "Bad Blogger of the Year" award! It has been too long, but I find my time is truly limited this time of year! My new job at preschool is great, but I spend my evenings preparing for the following day. You know, tough making turkey feathers, coloring a sample moving santa made out of paper, tracing a Polar Express train onto poster board for my bulletin board...real hard stuff!

Adoption front: Our paper work is being processed...I have no other details. Truly...all I know is that everyday I DON'T get news is hard. Our baby girl grows daily and we are missing it. That saddens me so.

Our boys are growing too too fast! They had a great Halloween (Boba and Jengo Fett) with blow up air jet packs and helmets! I hosted our first family Thanksgiving at our home on Saturday. It was a great success and a good inspiration for cleaning my house! Now if only I can keep it this way!!

Christmas lights and garland are up on the outside of the house, but we are still struggling to find time for the tree. Maybe tomorrow! For now, some eggnog, a video, the couch and a blanket are the ONLY things on my to do list!

I am anxious to welcome our niece into the world in the next week or two. We are praying for a healthy delivery! Here are some pics from the previous month. Enjoy them. And as soon as I get news on baby girl, I will let you all know!!


Halloween Night 2009 001

DATE: 10/15/2009 09:32:46 PM

The song "My Girl" has been in my head all week! Gee, I wonder why?!? We learned we can send a gift package to our little one, so the boys made her tons of pictures. We are putting together a family photo album for her, too. We also learned that we might be able to send our dossier to Burundi directly with the Bishop. He is visiting the states next week and has offered to take our dossier back with him! But we have to get it authenticated first! Pray for speedy paperwork chase!! Also pray for financial stability as we move into Andy's slow season.

Bug and Gma went on a field trip to the fire station on Wednesday and I took my class today... Thank God I survived, but just barely! 19, 3 year olds is a lot of work! We had to cross a busy street (busy for our little town, anyway!) and about one block before we got there, I see my mom in her truck coming our way. She stops, puts on her flashers and everyone behind her stops so we can cross safely! Doesn't she deserve the Mom of the Year Award for that?

Nana and Pop came for a visit last week and we all went to the Giants Game in KC! We had a great time! Enjoy the pics!

October 2009 002

The boys hanging up the picture of their sister!

October 2009 004

Mommy and Daddy on the happy day :) (Referral day, not game day!!)

October 2009 008

Nana and the boys after stuffing ourselves with stuffed frech toast at I HOP!

October 2009 010

October 2009 016

October 2009 017

My sweet little man...

October 2009 019

Loving the game

October 2009 026

Thanks Nana and Pop!

October 2009 027

Little man after a toy story 3 d double feature!

October 2009 028

My big man .. also conked out!


DATE: 10/04/2009 09:29:11 PM

I know, it has been too long. The summer has quickly become fall, the trees are beginning to thin, and our lives are more full than ever. We have a daughter. She is...amazing... I stare at her picture countless times throughout the day. I cannot wait to hold her.

I don't fell comfy sharing her picture just yet, there are still so many things that can go wrong. Our boys adore her and talk of her constantly. Bug thinks we should name her the same thing we named his brother...I explained that might get confusing!

We were able to share her picture with my folks on the eve they jetted off to Italy for 2 weeks. I am so glad they were here when we got the call. And amazingly enough, Andy's folks were flying in the next day, so they, too were able to share in the great news.

So much has happened since our last post. I took a job teaching pre school full time (mornings, 5x a week). I absolutely love it. I truly do. We were able to see the Giant's spank the Chiefs live today at Arrowhead. One of the best outings we've ever had as a family! We knocked ourselves out getting the house ready to sell (took one year to get the outside ready, took one month to get the interior ready--the interior needed more work!) It looks amazing and I couldn't be prouder. We love the location and the house, but it doesn't fit our family just right. Still searching for that perfect home...!

We are getting our paperwork ready to mail to Burundi. I pray she is home for Christmas. Thank you all for your prayers and well wishes. We couldn't be happier!

Zoe Blog Pic

Jackson 026

Soon to be a family of 5!

DATE: 09/30/2009 10:35:25 PM

It is 10:35pm on September 30, 2009. We are waiting breathlessly for pictures of our daughter...YES, you read that right...OUR Daughter!!!! Stay tuned....



It's been a while, I know. Mostly pics in this one. The month's events in a nutshell:

  • No Baby Girl...yet. Soon, I think!

  • My parents took us all to see the was actually lots of fun.

  • Interviewed for an awesome job at the Lake of the Ozarks (I applied for this job last year, got to final candidates & was not they are rethinking) Wont' know until next week if I get it...not sure I will take it...being a grown up is hard! Wasn't planning on a move this summer.

  • Offered an awesome job working with 3 year olds, 3 days a week at the school my boys go to! Starting on Monday! A much better job but with much less pay :)

  • Tearing down and replacing all of the trim in our home...BIG project. Some of the trim is salvageable, but requires stripping, wood filler, BUT the house already looks so much better in the rooms that are done...ok, the ROOM that is done (no "s"!)

  • Andy is finishing up his last night at Lyceum. I pray that he can get a job in the future that allows him to act full time. He is so talented and I really know he would be successful if he sets his mind to it. Of course, full time acting is hard to come by in our neck of the woods!

  • My oldest is now scared to sleep in his room, but we don't know why.

  • My youngest is more defiant now at the age of 4 than ever before---I thought 4 was easier than 3...I'm exhausted!

  • Travel Biz is slooooowww (hence the new job stuff)

  • Our Burundi Baby friends have a court for their little boy! This is great news! We hope to be next.

  • Working on the fundraiser/silent auction for the adoption (I"m sure I'll post more details soon)

  • Found out I'm going to have another Niece in December!!! I cannot wait!

  • My inlaws got us tickets to see KC play the NY Giants in KC this year!!! They (the inlaws) are here visiting and we are all going to the game!!! We cannot wait! (FYI, we are HUGE Giants fans!)

  • I want to move to Colorado or Maine on days like today (89 degrees here)

  • I want to move to Colorado or Maine when I think of snow.... :)

  • I don't want to move to Colorado or Maine when I think of all of my JUNK!

  • I don't want to move to Colorado or Maine when I think of leaving my my parents/sister...I wouldn't leave behind Andy or the boys!

  • Not sure why I told you those previous 4 bullet points!

  • It is late here, my contacts have a gruesome film on them and NEITHER of my boys are actually asleep! It sounds like elephants are pracin' about the upstairs!

Going to bed! Enjoy the pictures :)

ok....can't find the camera! pics will have to wait until tomorrow! g'night

DATE: 07/26/2009 09:51:50 PM

Since the last post: kids flew to Maine, spent a week with nana & pop. Got to sit in the cockpit of the US Flight, got to wait 3 days for their luggage to arrive on the return (NWA flight). Bug turned 4, I turned .... thirty something and got a tattoo--yes, a real one (my parents keep thinking it is going to wash off!) Leveled the entire front yard and poured a new sidewalk, Andy started production of the first of 2 Lyceum Theater Plays, and about 100 others things I cannot remember!

But the biggie...?!? Baby Girl is soooooo very close!!! We received our approved CIS paperwork (US gov't approved us bring an orphan from Burundi home). We also learned that 3 children have been tested for HIV and all came back negative. I just know our girl is one of those 3...I have no doubt about it. The official possible baby name list is on the fridge!!

So, we have hit "stealth" mode in the fund raising department. We have some money set back, but it is never enough! We are going to be having numerous fundraisers in the next month with all proceeds going toward the adoption. We hope to raise more than the required donation to the Burundi government and be able to donate the rest toward building an adequate facility for the orphans to live in until their forever families are found. We hope you can help out--feel free to donate an item for our silent auction to be held in September, or you can select the paypal donate button below for a cash contribution. But even if you are unable to donate, the best you can do for us is pray. I know God put this desire to adopt in our hearts, and I know he will provide for us during this time.

My last thoughts for this evening--"All you need is love" this was the topic of our sermon today, and it really hit home. Live life in love and your will see your blessings multiply beyond your imagination. Someone will always have more money than us, a bigger house than us, a nicer car than us. There is always a person we harbor ill feelings toward, feel jealously toward, envy... Let it go. The weight of these worldly materials and wants can truly hold you back. Soon the burden becomes unbearable and we loose our way. Find the good in everyone, in every situation. I challenge you to focus on living in love this week. Love your children, your spouse, your parents, your boss (yes, him too!). I guarantee you will see wonderful seeds of love begin to produce a harvest of gold.

Enjoy the pics.

July 2009 030

chillin with cuz'ns

my sweet little man


the boys got to check out the cockpit of our plane to Maine! Bug climbed right into the captain's chair & began hitting buttons (the plane was parked at the time!) and Bear developed a minor crush on Maggie the Captain (who wouldn't?! she was cutie) AND she flew me home the next day and nana back to maine the following week!


Mommy got to be in a picture....!!


a little aunt lisa lovin'


FYI, slip in slides are much cooler in theory than practice...

3 wild and crazy gals My tattoo coherts!! FYI, this was my idea...I drug them along and we had the best time ever!!

Oh so serious My bff kept snapping pictures! I was trying not to cry out in pain--this face is just an act!


There it is forever and ever and ever and ever! This word encompasses everything that is "me". I believe in a God that loves me. I believe in happily ever after. I believe in hope, love and the goodness of man. I believe I will win the lottery one day (just seeing if you are really reading this!) I believe that I will have Heaven on Earth and then will die and go to Heaven. I "believe" and when I forget, this beautiful word will always be with me to remind me of who I really am.

DATE: 06/24/2009 05:35:17 PM
Enjoy my son on a sugar high!


DATE: 06/21/2009 10:01:22 AM

Today we celebrate our fathers. If you know my father, you know what an amazing man he is. I can always depend on him for anything. He is the hardest worker I know and instilled in me the drive to succeed, but always do the right thing. He loves my children without limits. He is the one that I base most of my decisions on! Would Dad think this a good idea? Would Dad be proud or disappointed? What will Dad say? Does that mean I always do the right thing...I think not! But, none the less, my Father is a great example to live life by. And for him, I will be eternally grateful. I love you Dad.

Andy's Father--I absolutely enjoy Andy's father to no end. He is the funniest, most down to earth man I know. I am so lucky to have fabulous in laws! I mean that with my whole heart. Pop (the boys call him Pop, so know we all call him Pop!) can truly take lemons and make them lemonade. My boys are constantly entertained when Pop is around..wrestling matches, tickle torture, combat hide-n-seek (this is my favorite!). Pop is honest and good. I am always smiling when he is around! I tease Andy sometimes by calling him "Rich"-- I see so many of Pop's mannerism in Andy and they only increase as time goes on. For the most part though--don't tell Rich I said this--I love seeing the "Pop" side of my husband! I love you Pop!

For my husband, my children's father. I am a better person because of you. Not just a lame lyric from a sappy love song...but the absolute truth. When I place the weight of the world on my shoulders, you remind me to lightened up. When I let the children walk all over me, you remind me to toughen up! When my day was spent dealing with crabby clients, disgruntled front desk agents, missed connections--when my day is an amazing day with tons of sales, or the longest day in history and not one phone call--no matter my day, I cannot wait for my husband to come home. He will put it into perspective, and I always feel better.

True, he hates bathing the children and will do most anything to get out it! But I can always count on the dishes being done and the lawn mowed. The trash miraculously appears on the curb every Wednesday morning. The dogs are always fed and walked, without a discouraging word from you. (except maybe that "My" dog is stubborn).

But the most wonderful thing about you is your ability to walk through this world and never conform to someone you're not. I wish I was that strong. I have spent 10 years trying to find who I really am. And you have always known me better than I know myself. You bring humor into my life everyday. I still get butterflies when I see you in a pair of jeans and a faded foo fighters t shirt (mine, by the way!). Your slightly crooked smile, you amazing brown eyes. I would be so bored with out you, my dear.

Here are some pictures from our day celebrating you and all you do for us! Love you much!


My dad and bug moving some limbs after a nasty wind storm rolled through.


All of my boys!

062 Jack's pjs

Andy's PJs Bear's PJs

I think I need to talk to these guys about mixing patterns!

DATE: 06/03/2009 09:18:23 PM

I love how long the days are in the summertime. Our pup, Hoagie, still needs to be let out around 5:00a and it is so nice out that time of day. Cool, clean, peaceful. I could stay on the back porch and read, perhaps, but I know, come 3:00pm, I'm gonna wish I had gone back to bed that morning! So, I have yet to take real advantage of the summer morns...Except, I did venture out on a bike ride a few mornings ago. Granted, it had been about 10 years since I rode a bike, but I think I did well (meaning I didn't crash and burn). Of course, my body is also 10 years older and therefore, I had to push the bike part of the way (a wee bit humiliating) but thank goodness not too many folks out at 6:00 in the morning to witness it!

I have been very busy this week with travel. I thought things had slowed down, and they have, but still having lots of calls and bookings. I think we're going to make it through this recession, after all. Plus, I received 2 more online classes to teach and was selected to be on a committee of online teachers that advise students writing their dissertations. I didn't doubt God and he didn't let me down! Plus, He gave us a nice surprise in the mail today...CIS fingerprint appointment! This means we get to go to KC to have our fingerprints ran. If all goes well (and it should), they will grant us permission to adopt. Then all of our paperwork heads to Burundi! I really hope our girl comes home this fall!

Here are some recent pictures of the family. Enjoy them and enjoy summer!


A very sleepy corgi with very little legs...


A very sleepy little boy with crossed legs...this was too cute, had to snap a pic


A beautiful couple on their wedding day (my cousin and her beau!)


All the kids spent the evening rolling down a large hill...they had a ball!



All of the fam


It was a Hawaiian wedding...Andy and the preacher had on the same shirt! that is what happens when the local JC Penney's is a far as you go to buy clothes! Oh well, we had a good laugh!


Me spending some quality saturday am time with my little guy...just kidding :)

DATE: 05/30/2009 09:29:46 AM

Just when you think you've got it figured out, you get a curve ball from nowhere! In efforts to control costs, my employer had to tweak my contract. However, I felt like it was more of a gigantic loss of my annual salary. After speaking, we reached the conclusion, that perhaps this job wasn't for me after all. So yesterday, I drove to my employers (an hour away), for an 8:00a meeting-resigned, drove from there to Waverly (1 hour drive) to attend a funeral for a good friend whose life was cut short in a traffic accident, drove to Marshall, picked up my boys (I can't afford daycare anymore!) drove back to Boonville to pick up my check (my last paycheck-YIKES), drove to Marshall, changed clothes for a wedding. Drove back to Waverly for a beautiful Hawaiian themed wedding for my cousin. We partied hard (with punch, watermelon, and chocolate covered strawberries-Yum!) The kids spent hours rolling down the hill (which left Bug with a lovely rash all over) then home to crash in my bed after a ridiculously emotional day. Thank God for Prozac! (just kidding)

But we are going to be fine. I will be able to spend the summer with the boys and will go back to selling travel. I also have started teaching online classes, which I really like. I can increase my work load there, if need be. I truly feel blessed, and know God will provide. My children are happy and healthy. I have a great husband who tells me constantly how beautiful I am. A great family close by and a great family only a phone call or plane ride away. Truly blessed.

When faced with loss-loss of a friend, loss of a job-you try to find the lesson to be learned. My friend Tabitha lived a life of ups and downs, ins and outs-her last year with us proved to be her finest. She spent it friendly, faithful, and fearless. She loved her life, her children, and her family to the fullest. She is my lesson. Our time here is short, spend it wisely.

DATE: 05/16/2009 11:05:39 AM

This was a fun week here in the Wells' household. Both boys had a field trip on Thursday and Friday was the last day of school! My sister and I chaperoned Bug & Bella's (Bella is my sister's girl and is in the same pre-k with Bug) field trip to "Paradise Park" and Uncle Gary went with Bear's class to a Diary Farm (Uncle Gary's son "Fish" is in K and Bear is in 1st--those 2 classes went together). I have pictures of our trip, but none from Bear's yet (hopefully another parent is going to send me some). I also have pictures of the awards ceremony on the last day of school. Bear won several awards including the Book It award for successfully completing all six months of reading at home and for the 2nd year in a row, he won the Religion Award. His teacher said not only does he answer most of the questions, he also asks some of the best questions she's ever heard! She also gave Bear a "Completion of First Grade" certificate with the following poem. She read it to her class outloud and fought to hold back her tears. Needless to say, I cried!

"You are a very special person And you should really know,
How I've loved to be your teacher,
How fast the year did go.

Please come back to visit me
As through the grades you grow,
Try hard to learn all you can
There is so much to know.

One thing I tried to teach you
To last your whole life through
Is to know that you are special
Just because you are you!

Always remember you are a child of God
You are special and you are loved."

Isn't that just perfect? She was a wonderful teacher and we are so thrilled that she is part of Bear's life!

Enjoy the pictures!

May 2009 008

May 2009 024

May 2009 030
May 2009 059

May 2009 064

May 2009 070

May 2009 105

May 2009 108


DATE: 05/14/2009 11:12:17 PM

For 2 years we have been waiting for a little girl to join our family. The time *may* be close. Believe me, I wish I had information I could pass on to you but I don't. Not that I can't share, I literally have nothing to share, except that things are being to move.

The orphans in Burundi (small country in Africa) finally have the opportunity to find forever homes. To be able to witness that first hand, though our agency and their efforts, is a once in a lifetime experience. Pray for us, pray for a speedy referral, pray for speedy paperwork processing, pray for health for the children, pray for our friends who are one step ahead of us (see blog "waiting for little miss..." on right) and their sweet BB. Pray with all of your might!

Love you all! (fyi, tomorrow I will post pictures of the great field trip Bug & I took with his class today. It was a perfect day!)

DATE: 05/10/2009 08:52:23 PM

I wake most every morning feeling blessed and thankful, and today was no exception. When sunlight hit our room, I awoke to find my dear husband on my right and my youngest sweetie on my left. The oldest of the corgi's wasn't too far away, laying on my feet. Since I couldn't move without waking most of my family, I laid there and thought about Burundi Baby Girl. We have seen some "movement' but are a long way from making any announcements. We hope our beautiful girl is safe and cared for, until we can call her ours. God has perfect timing, and I am keeping that in mind!

I soon heard the sound of what we call "Bear and the Baby Elephants". Bear's room is directly above ours. The minute that boy;s eyes open, he is fully awake and rearing to go. He literally jumps out of bed with a "thud". Then "thud, thud" to his stairs and "BIG THUD" as he jumps down them (he only has 2). Then "thud, thud, thud" to the second landing, then "thud, thud, thud, get the picture) down all 14 stairs. Andy signs then, sits up. "I've got it". So Mommy went back to bed! At 8:00am, Andy decided to wake me. After all, we had to leave for church in 30 minutes!! Needless to say, we were late!

We enjoyed church at my parent's church, then headed to the Lake to eat Mother's Day lunch at my sister's restaurant. My other sister and her family joined us. It was a wonderful day!

The boys got me Marley & Me, and Andy got me a docking station for my IPOD! That is the most exciting thing that happened today. Wish I had more exciting news, but maybe soon.

This is the last week for school for my boys and they are so excited. They have 2 fields trips this week-field day and dairy farm day! They go to such a great christian school and I am so lucky it is only a few blocks from our house! Could I be more spoiled?!?

Well if you are still reading, I didn't bore you to death! But thanks for hanging in there. Pray for our Burundi baby and our very sweet boys. Happy and healthy kids! That is what every Mother hopes for!

Beautiful boys

DATE: 05/07/2009 05:32:39 PM

To say my youngest is "driving" me crazy would be unfair. After all, he is only "helping". I'll help you Mommy! I can do it! So far, this is what my dear has helped me do:

He helped me take all of the stamps I bought this morning off the sheet & place them on various items through out the house. Thanks goodness it was only a sheet and not a 100 roll.

He has helped me stir his chocolate milk which then ended up all of the counter and floor.

He has helped me vacuum. A 30 minute job that took 2 hours.

He has helped me fold the towels...they will need to be refolded.

He has helped walked the dogs (he dropped the leash which led me to a nice brisk walk to catch Lucy)

He has helped me clean the kitchen, using an sos pad to "scrub" the newly painted wall. That's going to need some touch up paint.

I don't know how much more help I can stand...

Spring 2009 030


So, Andy has returned from his one week hiatus. We are glad to have him back! I've posted some pics of our newest fur family member. Also a few pics of the new kitties--however, about a week after we discovered our newborn kitties, Mama move them out of the garage and we haven't seen them since. I was a bit sad at first, but then realized it was probably a blessing. Now I don't have to worry about feeding 5 cats!

Bear is battling a nasty cough and I feel so helpless. Nothing seems to get it under control. I hope it doesn't last too long. He only has 2 weeks left of school and I know they are doing some really fun stuff this week! I'd hate for him to miss it.

Hoagie's potty training is going very well and Lucy has accepted him as part of the family. Nothing new on the adoption front. A little disappointing...actually, a lot disappointing! God is providing me the opportunity to exercise patience!

Pretty much the same ole stuff here! Enjoy the pictures.

Spring 2009 003The Kitties

Spring 2009 008

Bear loves his new audience!

Spring 2009 010
Best buds (or at least Bug thinks so!)

Spring 2009 032
Smile for the camera!

Spring 2009 028Bear doesn't feel well, so has crawled into our bed...I wonder where we should sleep?!

DATE: 04/21/2009 09:26:24 PM

Got the puppy, named him Hoagie. The boys love him. Lucy hates him. He is NOT potty trained. Found a stray cat and 4 kittens living in my garage. Andy is gone for a whole week. He's only been gone 3 days. i'm exhausted. good night.


DATE: 04/16/2009 07:46:01 PM

Well, the wait for Burundi Baby has exceeded our expectations and my boys are going to be 4 and 8 this summer! A close family member just announced she is expecting a baby the end of the year (I'm hoping for a boy!) and my best friend is due to give birth any day now (I'm hoping for a boy--imagine that!) I am so excited for them both! But suddenly I feel I need a project...I think this guy will do!



Yes, Easter has come and gone. After a busy week of coloring eggs and searching for Easter socks (apparently little boys are not meant to wear white nylon socks) Sunday finally came. During bath, my oldest pointed out "all this talk of the Easter Bunny, why aren't people talking about Jesus..." Such a smart boy, and never scared to say exactly what he is thinking (both good & bad). I leave you with pictures of my amazing sons and words to remember:

"By his wounds we are healed..."

Spring 2009 004

My Jedi men & their "wookie"

Spring 2009 010

Our first experience with "pop rocks"

Spring 2009 015

A rare picture of Mom (me) & my boys!

Spring 2009 058
Yeh, so my boys are dressed alike...but they are adorable!! And the day will come that they say "I'm not wearing that!" until they do, Mama still picks out the clothes!" You can't tell in this picture, my bug (the little one) took a tumble on Grandma's sidewalk & bloodied both knees! It makes me nervous when he runs!

Spring 2009 074

"Wipeout", so my little man was so excited and took off running--which is never good--I snapped a picture of him picking up an egg (or so I thought) and he bit the dust! So sweetly got up and said "oops" and took off running again! I love him so much.

Spring 2009 075

My beautiful boy...


Amazing song, amazing story, amazing person....enjoy the video.

DATE: 03/31/2009 07:54:04 PM

So after 24 hours of antibiotics and some time to reflect, I believe my venting post yesterday was...well, let's just say I feel so much better today! Spoke to so many people that are as excited as we are about the news on the adoption. Our little girl is getting closer...:) Where will we find the money-who cares! God will provide. Can I handle 3--you betcha! All my life, I've wanted to adopt. We have both felt that desire & to think, it is closer today than it was yesterday! Life is good. Enjoy pics! Also we entered the DIY Makeover contest. Check out our video below!

March 2009 003

Bear & his best bud at the Pinewood Derby Races. I'm so proud of Bear. He and his dad worked all weekend on the car (see other post) with Grandpa's help. He didn't win, but he didn't care. He was very supportive of the winner. Such a him to pieces!


So, imagine telling someone "I'm pregnant" and 9 times out of 10 they say "congratulations, how exciting"...something along those lines. So why when I tell people we are adopting from Africa, their enthusiasm is muted? Those of you who have adopted, can you explain this to me? Maybe because we have 2 biological sons? Maybe because we are not wealthy. Maybe this didn't happen to others? I just don't know...but boy is it frustrating.

We received exciting news today regarding the Africa adoption (not a referral or anything) but really exciting news for orphans in this devasted region of Africa. I was surprised when telling some of my closest family members about it though. They seemed so indifferent. Then it occurs to me, this wait has been so long, perhaps they don't think it is going to happen. But, I have faith. I have faith.

I also have a sinus infection, double ear infection and a splitting headache! Perhaps I'm just in a bad mood. Have you ever read so many questions in one post?


I couldn't wait to spend this Saturday, snuggled in the house, watching movies & playing with my boys....watching the 8-12 inches of snow fall out my window. Truth is, I love snow! can guess I am really BUMMED because there isn't even a trace of white outside my window.... Never set your hopes on what the weather man says.



It has been so beautiful here lately! We have enjoyed being outside & having the windows open in the house. Here are a few pics of the boys. Bear is working on his cub scout pinewood derby car in a few pictures. The big race is next Monday, so we'll keep you posted. Enjoy the week!

Spring 2009 028

Spring 2009 029
Spring 2009 022

Spring 2009 032

DATE: 03/15/2009 08:15:27 AM

Ode to a Fish

The gift we didn’t ask for from a neighbor moving away

The children, jump and shout “can he stay, can he stay”?

We voted on your name—Longfellow, Betty or Giant.

Swimming contently in your bowl, never defiant

Giant, was your water too hot or too cold?

Was it just your time to go?

Your beady eyes stare up at me

As we flush your lifeless body to the sea

Dear little
purple beta

I cleaned your bowl for the last time today.


Sadly, our little fish was found deceased this morning by our 7 year old. He and I sat down and cried together, then Mommy took care of We had this fish for over a year. I didn't want a fish, but soon discovered I enjoy watching him swim. I spoke to him doing the dishes or just passing through the kitchen. I think I will miss him the most.

DATE: 03/10/2009 05:13:21 PM

Almost one week of the tummy flu! Yuck! Bug developed the stomach flu last week and it is hangin' on creating havoc & lots of laundry for mommy & daddy. Today was his first day back to school & the teacher said he had a great day. But after home for a bit, he commented "I spit out my bellyache today. I got some on my pants." Hmmm, the teacher didn't seem to notice that, I guess. Oh well, kids are resilient! I, on the hand, am not! I'm plum pooped! And pretty sure the gurgling belly & loss of appetite I have is NOT a good sign. Wish me luck.

Saturday was a fun day for Bear & his best bud! They picked up food around the neighborhood for Cub scouts and delivered it to the food pantry. It was a beautiful day & we all had a great time. I think it did the boys good to see how two 7 years old, could make such a big difference! Check out their "loot' below.

Oh, by the way. We learned that one of our most important documents for the adoption expired on February 1. Apparently, the agency had it listed incorrectly in their system, so...we get to spend another x amount of dollars, x amount of hours, x amount of energy redoing it! Granted, I should have marked that day on my calendar & realized it was going to expire, but a heads up from the agency would have been helpful! I know those who have been through adoptions say, "hang in there", but I'm losing my grip....and my mind!

CS Food Drive 009

DATE: 03/01/2009 01:42:08 PM

With about 3-4 inches on the ground, March entered with quite a statement..."It is still winter!" But that is ok with us. We love snow. Bug says "Yeah! It is Christmas again!" Hard to explain to a 3 year old, snow doesn't equal Christmas! Last night we ventured out to our local YMCA for trivia night. We had a great time socializing with friends and scratching our brains a little. I learned some very interested facts. For example, did you know that humans are the only predator to the polar bear? Furthermore, "what Olympic sport is played on ice, with skates and a broom". Curling! But anyone who is a curling fan knows that they DON'T wear skates! We had a great time even though we didn't win!

Enjoy the pictures of Bear's Cub Scout Banquet & the kids (& dog) romping in the snow!

Molife 031

Molife 033

Molife 044

Molife 062

Notice Lucy & Bear have the same position? Head in the snow, bottom in the air....interesting.

Molife 063

Again, a bit like ostriches with their heads in the snow...

Molife 002

This is on our way to the cub scout banquet. We walked. This was a big night for Bear and Bug was feeling a bit left out. He wanted to carry the macaroni salad, so I let him. It made it there, but thank God for saran press & seal. Ordinary saran wrap would not have kept that salad in the bowl with this 3 year old carrying it!

Molife 005

BASENAME: chris-ricesmile

DATE: 02/24/2009 08:05:11 PM

On my way to work this morning and I heard this song. The lyrics were perfect as we enter our 9 month wait for "Burundi Baby" & our 16th month for "China Doll"

Chris Rice, Smile

I just wanna be with You

I just want this waiting to be over

I just want to be with You

And it helps to know the Day is getting closer

Every minute takes an hour

Every inch feels like a mile

Til I won't have to imagine

And I finally get to see You smile

DATE: 02/22/2009 06:42:15 PM

Hi all,
Yes, this new job keeps me busy! Not so much down time to blog. No more uninvited guests...bats or burglars! Bug is in pre-k full time now & ornerier than ever! We will be glad when those trying 3s are over! Bear lost another tooth last night and he has learned to play sodoku and is very good at it. Maybe we have a math wiz on our hands! Still waiting for baby girl...waiting, waiting, waiting :) Nothing too excited around here, but enjoy the new pics. I put one of the front of our house. We have no landscaping yet, but I think the house is adorable!

Feb 2009 001

The "butter yellow" siding was too expense so we went with "wheat". I'm so glad I did...this is as yellow as I'd want my house to be!

Feb 2009 012

Check out the ears on our dog! I think God has a sense of humor....Lucy is not amused!

Feb 2009 014

A true intellectual, working and eating at the same time! check out that hole in his mouth!

Feb 2009 015

Pure orneriness and oh, so cute! (He has a cold, hence the breathing strip on his nose!)

Feb 2009 016

I remember the first Oscars Andy and I watched together. We had a nice bottle of wine to share, cozied up on the couch. I remember thinking maybe how romantic this evening could be... but that was before I "knew" Andy. DON'T bother him during the OSCARS...don't even think about bothering him. This is serious business, no time for fooling around on the couch or even bathroom breaks (well, maybe I exaggerate!) This is where my hubby sits tonight (6:30 CST) and this will be where he sits at the end of this oh so long award event. And I love him anyway.

DATE: 02/07/2009 11:52:35 PM

I am writing this post, still slightly shaking from a very interesting 10 o'clock hour. I have a baseball bat next to my chair, and a kitchen knife..yes, a kitchen knife, on my desk. Let me tell you how I got here. Andy decided to catch a late movie in Sedalia. This is something he loves to do, and I personally, don't stay up past 10 much, so sent him off with my blessing. I am addicted to SVU and decided to catch up on a few episodes I had recorded. About 10:20, I ended my 2nd hour and decided to close up the house for the night. Just then, I heard the creaking an old house makes when someone is walking around at night. Not being surprised I expected one of my boys to be heading down the stairs to use the bathroom. I walked toward the stairs to meet them, when I heard the dog growl...very intently. I suddenly realized the creaking was coming from the front porch. I glanced at my door, realized it was unlocked and dived toward it, dead bolting it. I stood at the front door, frozen...and then I saw through the frosted glass the image of a man. And I screamed. I ran to the next room and, I wish I could say I reached for the phone. But instead, I stood frozen and quite. Then I heard a quite "knock knock" on the door. My husband has been known to lock himself out, but it was way to early for him to be home and he would have come to the back door, not the front. It occurred to me, it might be a neighbor or someone in trouble, but still didn't move a muscle. Then again, "knock knock" on the front door. I finally yelled "what do you want" from the next room. and this is our conversation below.

Man In Red Olws Sweatshirt: "I'm looking for a house number"
Me: "what house"
MIROS: "600 w arrow" (I can't remember the last 2 digits, but it was in the 600 block)
ME: "this isn't it, sorry"
MIROS: "can you tell me where it is"
ME: "you are on the wrong side of the square, this is EAST arrow"
MIROS: "oh, how do I get to west arrow?"
ME: "go past the square, the other side, of the square"
MIROS: "how far past the square?"
ME: "i don't know 3 blocks, maybe...I can't help you"
MIROS: "which way again? can you tell me?"
ME:"No, please go now"...

And he did...and then I dialed 911 (and my daddy, of course). OK, fine. I called my Daddy first, then 911! I explained it may be some honest kid lost, but it didn't seem right. First of all, I had NO outside lights on, and it is VERY dark around my house. Second, I live in the 300 block of east arrow. Had he been looking for something in the 300 block of west arrow, I can maybe see him stopping here, but not in the 600s. Lastly, I just watched an SVU and the stupid sitter opened the door for a stranger! And it occurred to me, do I tell my sitter not to open the door. And filed a mental note to remind her NEVER open the door for anyone while babysitting. And that was freshly burned in my mind at the time I was yelling at this stranger through the door. All I can say, there was no way I was opening that door.

So then the police show up & spotlight my house & turn on the red lights...yadda yadda yadda (very embarrassing, by the way) But my Dad had beaten them here (he is he greatest man I know!) Officer Ramirez (a women by the way) rocks! Super friendly and she thanked me very much for reporting the suspicious behavior. And, fyi...."there are no houses in the 600 block of West Arrow, only a church."

In our bible class tonight, we studied the presence of God. He is with you all the time, even if you don't know it. I knew it tonight...


BASENAME: its-a-wonderful-liferight

DATE: 02/04/2009 08:26:33 PM

**Warning** this is a venting ranting post**read at your own risk***

It's been a while, I know (for those who care!). I started a new job on the 26th. I really like it, but originally I was supposed to work from home. But now they think I should come into the office for the first few months to get the know the staff. Problem is the office is 40 minutes from my house each way.

So this is our day....6:30am up and at 'em, I sift through my closet of jeans and sweatshirts in hopes of locating one of the 2 nice pair of pants I own, through make up at my face, turn my head upside down & spray LOTS of hairspray (it is ok, my hair is supposed to stand up on end) Can you tell I'm not used to dressing up? wake kids, feed kids, clothe kids, etc and out the door by 7:30 so they can be at school by 7:40 so I can be on the road to my job and arrive by 8:30a. work, work, work, 5:00p leave office, drive 40 minutes home, make dinner (or help Andy finish it), read the letter from Bear's teaching telling me how poorly behaved he has been in school lately, secretly wonder if is because I went back to work, sort laundry, bathe kids, clean up dinner, feed the dog (sometimes I remember to feed the fish), kids to bed at 7:45, put Bug back in bed at least 4 times...then I get to start my 2nd job. I am still selling travel. My grand idea was to quite travel. After all I was getting one/two calls a day. but now, I get 7 or 8. Andy was taking messages for me (he is off during the winter months) but doesn't really like the phone, so I come home to "you have 11 new messages". Tonight, I've returned 3 calls, 2 emails and a fax already and I'm pooped! And it hasn't even been 2 weeks! THEN I open the mail to find an $800 gas bill!!! YES my friends, $800!!! Apparently, we have a crappy furnace (ya think?) and it is only producing at 70% efficiency. No worries, we can get a brand spanking new one with excellent efficiency for only $3000! !@*!*#%&! :)

I'm writing this, not to be nominated for some award, but to recognize working Mom's everywhere. No wonder we age quicker than men! God Bless us, everyone! But here is why I do it. I want them to have the best of everything. I sure do love my boys...

2008 School Pics

BASENAME: theres-no-place-like-home

DATE: 01/24/2009 11:41:36 PM

Except Florida, maybe! We just returned from a Disney Cruise & a few nights at the Disney Vero Beach Club. Every year for Christmas my parents take the whole clan (11 of us) on vacation! Are we spoiled or what?!? This year was one of the best! The weather was a bit chilly, but didn't bother us too much. After all, it was -3 when we left Missouri! Enjoy the pictures!

2009 Winter Vacation 001

We had to get up at 4:30 to catch our flight...Bug was not happy about it!

2009 Winter Vacation 006

But by dinner that night, he understood how amazing vacation truly is....chocolate ice cream at every meal! How cool?!?

2009 Winter Vacation 016

Pirate night on the cruise was "aaarghsome"

2009 Winter Vacation 027

Castaway Cay was very cool!

2009 Winter Vacation 029

Beautiful white sands & clear blue water...

2009 Winter Vacation 038

What a cutie!

2009 Winter Vacation 053

My handsome little man...I can't believe how big he is getting!

2009 Winter Vacation 075

We discovered that Bear loves muscles!! Who knew?!?

2009 Winter Vacation 097

Grandpa & the boys (Bear & my sister's little boy) caught a Pompano Fish off the coast of Vero Beach.

2009 Winter Vacation 064

The boys loved the Kennedy Space Center.

2009 Winter Vacation 117

Bug & Bear in front of our Villa in Vero Beach.

2009 Winter Vacation 122

Me & my boys.

2009 Winter Vacation 131

My parents, who are the coolest parents ever!

2009 Winter Vacation 137

The whole clan!

2009 Winter Vacation 153

My ham! Our last stop was the Mel Fisher Treasure Museum. This cannon was discovered in the late 90s off the Florida coast. The ship it was on sunk over 300 years ago...very cool.

BASENAME: love-makes-the-world-go-round

DATE: 01/14/2009 04:50:32 PM

Love & a new washer/dryer that is! This is my boy & my niece who truly are each others best friends. Today we moved in a new washer/dryer unit which MOMMY LOVES!!! This was the first cycle..they were mesmerized! What great entertainment...watching the spin cycle while eating fruit snacks!

January 2009

BASENAME: the-new-news

DATE: 01/11/2009 09:59:48 PM

It is official, I begin working for Missouri Life Magazine on January 26! A great opportunity for me and my family. We don't have to relocate, which is great! I am still doing travel on the side, but mostly for a few select clients.

We got pictures from the area of Burundi where the orphanage is located. No referral yet, but I'm hoping it is "just around the corner".

Andy is recovering from the squashing Philly handed to us today. He has perched himself on the couch in front of the Golden Globes hoping they'll cheer him up. Oh well, there is always next season! GO GIANTS!

Christmas Time 2008 327

Bear has 2 more loose teeth!

Christmas Time 2008 114

I love this little Bug so intently coloring.

Christmas Time 2008 328

Bug playing Vet at the Children's Museum in Portland.

Christmas Time 2008 332

Remember when putting gas in the car seemed cool? Now it is just depressing!


DATE: 01/06/2009 10:40:02 AM

I know this time of year can be depressing, after the Holiday madness has subdued and family members have returned home, but I am so excited! What I see for 2009: A baby girl (awesome!), a new job (stay tuned!), A Disney Cruise (less than 2 weeks away!!), A Big Boy Birthday (Bug will be 4), A Young Man Birthday (Bear will be 8...omg!) a growing relationship with all of my sisters (2-I was raised with and another I am so thankful entered our family through marriage), a huge milestone in our marriage (10 year anniversary ), a dog that behaves (Lucy is going to obedience school), and opportunities God will provide that I don't even know about yet!

Now, I have been called an "optimist" (or a dreamer!) but I wouldn't have it any other way. My blessings abound...

Enjoy some pictures of the Holidays spent with amazing family & friends from all of the country.

Christmas Time 2008 173

My beautiful sister & her beautiful "bella"

Christmas Time 2008 181

This was too funny. Bear and Bug decided to play dress up...Bear is "Cotton Eye Joe"...he thought this up himself!!

Christmas Time 2008 192

Bug and Mr. Wiskers, hasn't left his side since Christmas morning!

Christmas Time 2008 298

My sister in law and the newest addition to the family!

Christmas Time 2008 350

Two crazy kids...they love Grandma's at Christmas...bouncing off the walls!

Christmas Time 2008 304


Christmas Time 2008 321

Big Fans!

Christmas Time 2008 341
Andy's best friends daughter and our cute!

Christmas Time 2008 361

Bear getting ready for his first Cub Scout Meeting in '09

Christmas Time 2008 364

So, last night I heard Bug in the bathroom washing his hands. I noticed he had smeared lotion all of his face & was trying to wash it off. I made him show me the lotion and it was actually sunblock, which those of you who know Bug know he is allergic to sunblock...this was Bug's face this morning! Poor guy...

BASENAME: snow-day

DATE: 12/16/2008 04:35:30 PM

We have about 2 inches on the ground. The boys and I played outside for about 10 minutes, then decided it was time for cocoa & mini marshmallows! Sure is pretty!

Christmas Time 2008 150

Yes, they thought is was funny to snowball Mom!

Christmas Time 2008 147

(FYI, this is our neighbors little dog outside in the background, not ours! But don't worry, he was only out for about 10 minutes!)

Christmas Time 2008 146

BASENAME: busy-bees

DATE: 12/12/2008 09:17:46 PM

Hi all,
Well we have been enjoying the holiday season. Both the boys had their holiday programs at school, we visited Santa on the Santa Train, the boys carried the banner for the Grand Marshall at the Christmas Parade. Loads of fun, but not enough time for everything! Enjoy the pictures.

Christmas Time 2008 036

It was so cold that night!!

Christmas Time 2008 061

I love that Bug & Bella are in the same class. They are truly best beds!

Christmas Time 2008 065

Bug is modeling the reindeer shirt he made for the program. I love this boy's smile (even with the chocolate ice cream ring!)

Christmas Time 2008 071

Bug & his cousin Bella

Christmas Time 2008 075

My sister's boy is so animated! He did a great job.

Christmas Time 2008 099
Of course, Bear is animated, too! Aren't they so cute in their pjs!

Christmas Time 2008 124

The "Big Man" and the "Big Requests"...Bug wasn't sure what to say, but Bear has his script memorized!

Christmas Time 2008 128

This shot is priceless!

Christmas Time 2008 136

the boys & the head elf

BASENAME: let-the-festivities-begin

DATE: 11/30/2008 08:48:49 PM

I love it. I love it! I truly love this time of year. Yes, I like the shopping, all the hustle & bustle, the kids programs, but mostly I love how it makes me feel. I want to hug my kids more, sit close to my hubby on the couch drinking eggnog & watching the Christmas tree twinkle. I love seeing my boys on Grandmas laps & in Grandpas arms. I love watching their faces on Christmas morning. I love hearing them talk about Baby Jesus & the Manger. I truly love it. Here are some pictures of the first weekend of the celebration!

November 2008 030

Decorating the Gingerbread House

November 2008 031

Christmas Time 2008 002

Assembly the tree...

Christmas Time 2008 005

Yes, it is artificial...

Christmas Time 2008 007

So proud of their accomplishment!

Christmas Time 2008 009

An eggnog mustache!

Christmas Time 2008 016

The finished product!

Christmas Time 2008 017
And the big event of the weekend.....Bear lost his first tooth!!

BASENAME: no-so-wonderful-today

DATE: 11/21/2008 08:15:41 PM

Ok, I'm feeling a little sorry for myself today. Spent a great morning with my Mom (Dr says her foot is healing very nicely after surgery) which was the highlight of the day (the week really). Then after being home for less than an hour, my lip started to swell up and turned into a fever blister (pretty stuff!), I shoved a stick pin under my fingernail (not on purpose) while riffling through my purse, and then managed to get something in my eye (which is now swollen-to match my lip- red & watery)

I am going to bed....

BASENAME: amazing-grace

DATE: 11/20/2008 08:06:52 PM

"The Lord has promised good to me". But waiting is the hardest part. We just learned, no referral next week or the week after... We now hope to have the news the first of next year. I'm trying to find the silver lining here, but some days it is hard. I kissed each of the boys two times tonight. One for each sister they wait for, one for each daughter I miss. Strange to "miss" someone who you've never met...

BASENAME: the-singing-burrito-brothers

DATE: 11/13/2008 07:04:31 PM

Ok, my kids are crazy. It was burrito night, but instead of eating they provided a constant source of entertainment. I was too tired to care!

Check out Jack's opera voice at the end of this one!

This one is for you, Nana!

BASENAME: wacky-weekend-shananigans

DATE: 11/09/2008 07:30:50 PM

So, Friday my mom had foot surgery, so my sister & I drove her to the hospital and enjoyed some wonderful "sister" quality time together. It was nice to actually visit with her without some one's child acting up or constantly interrupting us! Mom is doing good and has a check up tomorrow. Other than being forced to lay on her back with her foot "iced & elevated" for a week, I think she is happy to that surgery out of the way!

While putting away the Halloween decorations, Andy discovered the root of our "bat" problem. (We had another midnight visitor a few days ago. It wasn't as horrifically terrifying as the first, but none the less, an irritation. We have a wonderful fall arrangement & scarecrow that we had pulled out of the attic shortly before Halloween. I have decided to skip the fall decor & move right into Christmas, so Andy was putting it back up into the attic when a very tiny sleeping bat fell out onto the floor! It didn't even wake up! Bug loved it.."Its so tiny...He's so cute". I took his picture with this tiny flying rodent and then Andy release it in the great wilds of our backyard.

The house looks amazing! The siding is finished. We have a brand new front door that actually closes. A few new windows & the front porch should be done soon. Things are going well. We received word that we might have dossiers to look at by the end of the month. Just think, in less than a month we might be able to introduce you to our Burundi Beauty!!

We were all dressed for Church this morning, so I decided it was a great opportunity to take our picture for our Christmas Card. Here is a sneak peak!

Pretty uneventful weekend...oh and GO GIANTS!!!

November 2008 005

Christmas Card Option 1

BASENAME: giving-thanks-adoption-update

DATE: 11/06/2008 09:32:45 PM

So it is a bit early for Thanksgiving, but word through the grapevine is that Burundi referrals will be here in 3 weeks!! Keep us in your prayers. And remember, everyday is a day to give Thanks to God.

BASENAME: our-civic-duty-or-something-along-those-lines

DATE: 11/04/2008 03:56:07 PM

After dropping Bear off at school today, the Bug and I headed to the polling place. When he asked "What is voting", I majestically said "We get to help choose the next President of the United States of America!". My three year old responds, "America is football, Mommy. And football is America." Ahhh, yes it is my sweetie! I think we are raising them well!

BASENAME: be-the-change-you-want-to-see-in-the-world

DATE: 11/02/2008 09:47:30 AM

...Mahatma Gandhi

I hear it everyday. "Why are you adopting? Isn't it expensive? Don't you already have 2 children? Can you not have children of your own?" Truth is, I don't mind these questions at all. I enjoy telling others of our journey and why. But I just realized this morning, that my answers should be what troubles me. Truth is... there are children who need parents and homes, end of it.

"As the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without deeds is dead." James 2:26. While most of us are longing for the deeper experience of God, the irony is that it is among those we often ignore and avoid (the orphans, widows, and the poor) where God said He Would be.

I just spent an hour reading about this young lady from Tennessee. All
I can say is she sets an amazing example of what a true Christian is.
She sacrificed everything she had to journey to Uganda to teach
kindergarten in an orphanage for 9 months. She is 18 years old and
knows more about living as a Christian than most of us ever will. For
$250 she can send one child to school for one year. The $250 covers 2
meals a day, uniforms for the year and education that is truly,
priceless. She has over 150 children in her ministry that she
continues to send to school, even though she has returned to the states
for schooling herself.

I'm not asking you to donate, I know how limited funds are. But I did
want everyone to know how important finding homes for these children
is. These are 150 "lost" children in a world of millions. I'm sure
that $250 won't even cover food for one of these children here in the
states, but you cannot put a price on having parents. Someone who
loves them unconditionally, to teach them right and wrong, good and
evil. Someone to show them how we respect others and the views. A
parent to teach them patience, self esteem and honesty. We cannot
continue to think the world will become a better place if we don't do
something to help. Yes adoption is expensive, yes it is time consuming
and frustrating. Yes, it tugs at your heartstrings daily. But I am
believer. I live in the Word of God. and the Word says

"I will not leave you as orphans. I will come to you. Because I live, you will live also." John 14:18-19

The Journey

BASENAME: happy-howwwwloweeeeen

DATE: 10/31/2008 08:01:37 PM

Other than Bear throwing up all day (stomach flu) Halloween has been great. It was an amazingly beautiful day here. When we moved to this house in April, a big selling point was its location. THIS IS the street to be on for Halloween. It was great to walk down one side of the street & back up the other. Made a stop at Gma's & Gpa's and visited with cousins! Now we are home & heading to bed! After two pieces of candy, of course!

Halloween 053

Bear asked for "facial hair" like Indy's and Bug decided to be batman. Thankfully I found a cape (it was only about a foot too long!) A quick & messy hem and all is good!

Halloween 054

I couldn't resist dressing up just one more time!!

Halloween 056

Bug is enjoying Gma's fall decorations

Halloween 066

I'd like to take credit for this, but it was a neighbors...YUCK!

Halloween 069

Both of my boys were able to tell me who this was! (Can you tell who we are voting for!)

Halloween 071

My "sweeties" enjoying their goodies!

BASENAME: i-just-love-this-time-of-year

DATE: 10/28/2008 08:21:44 PM

We enjoyed the college Homecoming Parade on Saturday and tonight was "Trick or Treat" on the Square. The businesses on our town square open up late for trick or treaters. The first year there were about 300 kids. Only 4 years later....over 1000 kids! It is a crazy night! Enjoy the pictures!

Halloween 012

Everyone loves a parade!

Halloween 013

Halloween 019

I love this old rock church. Standing on solid ground for over 125 years.

Halloween 020

I sure do love my boys!

Halloween 021

Love their smiles!

Halloween 022

I know, I know...but this was such a good picture, it needed to be included!

Halloween 024

Ahoy Mateys! Indiana Jones will make ye walk the plank!

Halloween 028


Halloween 042

Who says Halloween is just for kids! My sister & I look for any reason to play dress up! She is the darling Minnie Mouse, I am the very manly looking pirate...argh!

Halloween 035

Yo Ho Yo Ho A Pirates Life for us! (I look like I've sampled too much rum!)

BASENAME: hayrides-and-halloween-parties

DATE: 10/24/2008 12:03:39 PM

Monday night was Bear's Cub Scout Fall party. It was Bug's first hayride! After, we roasted hot dogs by the fire...what could be scarier than 33 boys around a campfire!?! Last night, Andy & I attended the annual Newcomer's Banquet hosted by our chamber of commerce. It is a costume event. We won first! We told everyone "We have a love to die for!"...see picture below! After the costume party, we headed to school for a parent teacher conference. Bear received a great report card! He is a bit of a "ham" so he did have a few negative remarks for clowning around, but overall he did an excellent job! His teacher said he was very intelligent (one of 5 children in the class who has moved onto harder reading projects!), good at math (a bit sloppy sometimes!) very sweet & caring, respectful of others and well liked my all. She also told us "Keep up the good job parenting!" That made me feel very good, too. Most of you reading this blog know how hard parenting can be! Bug is only in Pre-K, so no report for him!

***Adoption Update*** We've run into a bit of hurdle (on our end NOT the county or agencies). We are going to have to put our fundraising in high gear if we hope to get our daughter home. My sister in law suggested a spaghetti dinner, which we are going to try this winter. Any other suggestions are welcomed! The best thing you can give us is free! PRAYER! Thanks!

Fall Fun 2008 001

Bear & his best bud

Fall Fun 2008 006

Bug & Daddy...they are so handsome!

Fall Fun 2008 007

Our town's beautiful park....

Fall Fun 2008 023

The Newly "deads"

Fall Fun 2008 024
So in Love....

BASENAME: fishers-of-men

DATE: 10/21/2008 12:32:59 PM

Grandpa, Bear, Fish & Fish's Dad went fishing on Sunday. They had a ball! The moms and the little ones stopped by to say hello. While we were there, Bear caught nine fish! One right after another! It was so much fun for him & Grandpa. And Fish (my sister's boy) is an avid fisherman. He'd hop right in there, take the fish off the hook (Bear refuses to actually touch the fish!) put it in the fish basket & throw the basket back into the lake. It was a well oiled machine! After that, we drove to my uncle's farm to see his dog's new puppies! It was a great Sunday afternoon for all!

Fishing 001

One fish....

Fishing 017

Two fish... (green fish, blue fish!) I'll spare you pictures of the other 7 fish, although I did take a picture of him each time he caught one!

Fishing 023

Bear is such a "ham"! Ha!

Fishing 027

Bug and my cousin Janie, lovin' on the new pups!

Fishing 028

So cute!

BASENAME: the-lion-king

DATE: 10/19/2008 09:23:56 AM

Grandma and Grandpa treated the whole family to The Lion King, live on stage yesterday! After the matinee, we stopped at a Japanese Steakhouse. The kids had a great time! We all had a great time! Bear tried Sushi AND he caught the shrimp in his mouth! I'm so proud...! Bug, however, had a much different experience with his shrimp... he threw it up later (along with the 3 Maraschino cherries he ate at dinner!) He's had a terrible cold and I think the combo of meds & yucky drainage did a number to his tummy! Add a shrimp, and that's all she wrote! But being the trouper he is, we cleaned him up & it was like nothing ever happened!

The Lion King 2008 001
This sweater was hand knitted by Andy's Mom (aka Nana). Bug looks *dare I say* beautiful in it.

The Lion King 2008 002

Bug picked this pumpkin last week. He loves it. It goes everywhere with us. I fear the fallout when it begins to rot!

The Lion King 2008 006

"Let me see your tuna roll..."

The Lion King 2008 004
"A little salty!"

The Lion King 2008 008

Bug is fascinate with our wonderful chef. He was from the Marshall Islands...Bug insisted he meant, Marshall Missouri!

The Lion King 2008 010

We celebrated Dad's birthday a bit early. He was told to stand on the bench & do the chicken dance while we sang to him. He didn't hesitate! We laughed till we cried!

BASENAME: one-year

DATE: 10/18/2008 09:11:24 PM

We have been on the waiting list for our daughter from China for one year, today. *sigh* only 2 more years to go!

BASENAME: fall-is-my-favorite-time-of-the-year

DATE: 10/17/2008 10:02:58 PM

Enjoy some pictures from around my hometown!

Pumpkin Picking 2008 018

Pumpkin Picking 2008 019

Pumpkin Picking 2008 020

Pumpkin Picking 2008 025

Pumpkin Picking 2008 030

Pumpkin Picking 2008 031

BASENAME: bug-speaks

DATE: 10/17/2008 04:11:15 PM

BASENAME: road-trip

DATE: 10/16/2008 07:45:54 PM

Today was the field trip to Carolyn's Pumpkin Patch! I, being the "helicopter mom" that I am, offered to drive. My sister & her boy road with us. So 5 boys (ages 6 & 7) on a 1 1/2 hour ride to the pumpkin patch & back! Raspberry noises, armpit "toots", real toots, stinky feet & load voices...loads of fun!

Carolyn's Pumpkin Patch 002

Three of the 5 monkeys!

Carolyn's Pumpkin Patch 025

Showing off their pumpkins!

Carolyn's Pumpkin Patch 003
Bear & another monkey!

Carolyn's Pumpkin Patch 039

"Scuba Bug"...Check out his new Mater shoes from G'ma...he eats, sleeps & breathes those shoes!

Carolyn's Pumpkin Patch 041
We hired a new sitter for bath time! Lucy won't leave the room if the boys are in the tub!

Carolyn's Pumpkin Patch 040

Not impressed with my picture taking! "I'm working here Lady!" Don't bother me!

BASENAME: school-pictures

DATE: 10/15/2008 07:16:54 PM

School pictures were delivered today! I have such cuties :)

2008 School Pics

BASENAME: rain-rain

DATE: 10/15/2008 04:21:09 PM

Rain, rain go away. Come again another day.

BASENAME: some-days-are-diamonds

DATE: 10/13/2008 08:15:05 PM

I think the lyrics are "some days are diamonds, some days are gold"...but for the sake of this blog we are changing "gold" to "stone"! And then some days are both. Today I have cried, yelled, whimpered, laughed, giggled & smiled.

Cried when the construction manager didn't show up. Yelled at the dog when she (for no reason) nipped my hand. Whimpered when the construction manager DID show up & then proceeded to get into it with the siding guy (again). Laughed while watching the kids hunt for the perfect pumpkin. Giggled while singing the Little Mermaid Song with my niece, and smiled because, THANK GOD, this day is almost over!

We had a great time at the pumpkin patch. Enjoy the pictures.

Pumpkin Picking 2008 007Pumpkin Picking 2008 008

Pumpkin Picking 2008 006

Pumpkin Picking 2008 011

Pumpkin Picking 2008 014

Pumpkin Picking 2008 017

Pumpkin Picking 2008 022

Pumpkin Picking 2008 037

BASENAME: the-newest-news

DATE: 10/11/2008 07:14:25 PM

Just heard from our agency. The exact words were.... "It will probably still be several weeks
before he is allowed to send formal child dossiers to us, but it is definitely
getting closer!". Yes, closer is good, but the words "several weeks" trouble me. Oh well, perhaps she won't be here for Christmas after all. A bit of a bummer. I guess I need to look on the bright side, I still have lots of time to decide on her room! Stay tuned...

BASENAME: another-friday-gone

DATE: 10/10/2008 04:14:03 PM

Zilch, zip, nada, nothin', the big goose egg...another Friday and we still don't have a referral. But, Monday starts another work week & maybe this time next week, we'll have great news to share! We also found out our approval from the government only lists 1 child, so to request twins would mean more paperwork. And anytime you update paperwork, you run the risk of a long delay and potential problems. So we decided, we would be thrilled with one healthy little girl (of course!). Besides, twins are so rare in any culture.

And more bad news, Andy hurt his back this week and can barely move without severe pain. The dr told him to take it easy for a few days. Gave him some good medicine & sent him home to bed. Please keep him in your prayers for a speedy recovery (without surgery this time!)

Good news is the siding crew started today, a bit of a testosterone match between him & my general contractor, but things are going smoothly now! The house is going to look great! The plumber finished the back porch & we hope to have the electrician in next week. Won't be long now! A new laundry room...I can hardly wait. Here are pictures of the new addition, new roof & siding crew at work.
October 002

October 004

October 006

BASENAME: a-few-of-my-favorite-things

DATE: 10/09/2008 04:50:43 PM

Everyday I spend with Bear, I am amazed at the young "man" he is becoming! Yes, only 7, but he is so smart and he has the best imagination of anyone I've ever met. I absolutely adore him and I know he will do great treasure hunt!
Raggedy Ann 001

Bug is the most likable, adorable little person I've every met! He makes friends with EVERYONE. He woos the young ladies at church day care, his gym coach is "smitten" with him, and all the girls at preschool rush to say good morning to him. He, too, will do great things....maybe President of the US?! Maybe not... :)
Late summer 003

We are getting closer to our baby girl, at least I think so! Andy shared our story with a client a few days ago and she presented him with a gift for our baby girl....I cried (of course!). How wonderful people can be. I know every prayer brings her closer :)

Raggedy Ann 002

BASENAME: bugs-first-trip-to-the-police-station

DATE: 10/08/2008 06:07:19 PM

And hopefully his LAST trip, too! Today Bug's class had a field trip to the police & fire stations here in town. It was a chilly 3 block walk, but worth it! The kids loved it. Plus, my sister's girl, Ella Bella, is in the same class, so the four of us really had a good time! Bug and his friends were able to sit in the back of a police cruiser (I fret the future!) but Bug promptly realized the place to be was the front, so he scaled over the console & joined the police officer in the front seat! They got to hear the sirens & listen to the radio dispatch. At the fire station, we toured a big engine, watched a video on fire safety (that scared the bageezee's out of me), and then they got to "put out a fire" (flames painted on a wooden house) with the fire hose! Too Cute!! Bug's yells after his turn "I got that bad fire out" and makes a muscle man move. No idea where he got that, but I'm afraid he may be playing "fireman" at home tonight instead of "Indiana Jones"! Enjoy the pictures!
Jude's Fall Field Trip 003

My sister with 4 of the preschoolers! Can you tell which little one is her daughter?!?

Jude's Fall Field Trip 026Is anyone this cute?!?

Jude's Fall Field Trip 028

Get that bad fire, baby boy!

BASENAME: our-god-is-an-awesome-god

DATE: 10/07/2008 06:17:46 PM

I don't normally shout my religious views out to the world, but it needed to be said. We've had a guest speaker at church this week (4 classes) and he has opened my eyes to the gracious & giving God we have. I have always called myself a Christian & last year we discovered an amazing church here in Marshall that changed how I worship. But I have truly been enlightened this week. And it came at just the right time. The adoption wait has become an adoption "weight". For the first time I feel consumed by the entire process. I just want my baby girl! NOW, here with us & her brothers so she can be loved & we can love her! But remember...Our God is so patient with us, we need to be patient with Him and His plan. These events were set in motion that day the Earth was created. I just need to be patient & wait for them to come to fruition. *sigh* Ok, enough shouting for one day! God Bless and keep praying for us!

BASENAME: too-much-stuff

DATE: 10/04/2008 09:02:07 PM

You should I know I keep everything! BUT, enough is enough. I am doing some major clean up this weekend. We are moving everything out of the storage room into the attic in the garage...YAH! (The room we were using for storage is actually Baby Girl's room, and with things beginning to move we thought we should get started on it!) So, I am literally going through tons of tupperware sorting clothes. It is sad to get rid of my boys baby clothes. I think I have a story for every outfit! But, the time has come. With two Baby Girl adoptions happening in the next three years *hopefully*, there is no need to keep all the boys clothes. Granted, some of the stuff I just cannot part with. The adorable onesie that says "Grandma's Boy" has to stay! You would be proud of me, Nana! Yard sell, it is.

So the sign will read, "BIG GARAGE SALE NEXT SATURDAY"..."SELLING BOYS CLOTHES SO I CAN BUY GIRLS CLOTHES!" Have a great weekend y'all!

BASENAME: in-record-time

DATE: 10/02/2008 02:21:23 PM

I am THRILLED to say that we sent our first batch of paperwork to our agency for review today!! (It took one week!) I cannot believe how amazing the Dr & the county Sheriff were. Their forms were filled out, notarized & ready for pickup within 24 hours! They (their staff) were on the ball and that makes our life so much easier!

After our agency reviews all of our paperwork, we then send it off for authentication by the state of Missouri. This just means they double check the notary's stamp, signature, & license. After they approve it, we get it back & it becomes our "dossier". A "dossier" is basically a huge pile of organized & authenticated paper work pertaining to our adoption. This is what the government will look through & decide if we meet the criteria for adopting from their nation. China had several hoops to jump through, Burundi is a bit more relaxed.

Somewhere in this crazy process we will select a child for adoption. Our dossier to Burundi will not be complete until we actually write a letter of intent to adopt a specific child. We hope to see profiles/med reports soon.

The wait for China seems to have stabled around 30-33 months wait time. If that time frame sticks, we should be traveling to China in Summer of 2010...I remember when we first applied I said "I hope we don't get caught up in the Olympics"...ha! Oh well, I know now that our wait is for a purpose. It has allowed us to bring home a sweet little one from another continent! We may never have considered this program in Africa had the China process not stalled.

If we get any news, this is where you'll see it! Take care all!


Happy Birthday Pop!

BASENAME: hug-your-children

DATE: 10/01/2008 09:35:03 PM

We had a very scary situation today near our home. A beloved friend of ours daughter was hit by a car. I do not know her condition right now, but do know she was talking prior to be taken to the hospital. We are praying for her & her family during this extremely terrifying ordeal. We all know lives can change in the blink of an eye. Cherish everyday. I know they do.

BASENAME: adoption-update

DATE: 09/29/2008 10:57:48 PM

Our Baby Girl from Burundi is getting closer to coming home! Last week we received our first official packet of information from our agency...the paper chase is on! Since we did this just a year ago for China, the instructions were far less foreign this time around. Birth Certs, Marriage Certs, Dr's Reports, financial statements...yada, yada, yada. But then, the GREAT news came this evening. We had learned a few weeks ago that the Burundi Government was conducting a census. The agency thought this might really slow things down, but we learned tonight that the government gave the go ahead and...cross our fingers....we should be receiving information on available children in the next few weeks! Now, as you know, these time frames can shift dramatically (ie see CHINA, we thought 1 year we are looking at 3 years!) But I've been praying, we've asked most everyone we know to pray and I really feel like something exciting is going to happen soon!


DATE: 09/29/2008 03:36:33 PM

Monday's here! Always hectic around my house, getting backpacks together, lunch boxes packed, etc... So I drop the boys off at school and head home to catch up on some work. At 10:00am the phone rings with "St Peters" on caller id. This is my sons' school. I pick up to hear "Does it hurt honey?" on the other end & instead of saying "Hello, this is Angie", I say "what happened" and "which one". "Well, Bug has a rock stuck up his nose..." August_2008_039Better than a broken arm on the monkey bars, at least. I sign and say, "I'll be right there!". Now, I have little surprise in response: concern, but not surprise. On my way to get Bug, I phone the Dr's office & they say bring him on in. I arrive to find my sweet little Jude red nosed & teary eyed. I give him and hug & I sign him out. I run into the principal of the school (Mr Littrell) and he explains that because of school policy they are not allowed to "remove the rock". Then he laughs at the situation! Now some of you may know that Mr Littrell was MY high school principal, too! He must find irony in this! Anyway, while waiting for the Dr, I tried to wiggle the rock free and Bug began sneezing. He eventually sneezed the rock out, but we stayed to see the Dr anyway. He check all of his orifices. He said you'd be surprised by what they find in ears & noses: a french fry just last week!

Well, the situation could have been much worse, but turned out to be relatively uneventful! But a good story for his wife, someday!


DATE: 09/28/2008 04:23:52 PM

What did I say about "you don't get bored at my house..." well, I'll say it again! Night before last, Andy goes to the late show of Eagle Eye (a waste of money, btw). I laid the boys down around 8:00pm, but Bug, like always had been getting up every 5 minutes or so with an "I'm thirsty", "I need to potty", "The monsters are scaring me" and a new "there is a bird in my room". At 10:00, I told him "enough" and put him in his playpen so he couldn't escape. He fussed a bit then fell fast asleep. I then moved him over to his bed. Lucy was very upset by all of this (she & Bug are NOT the best of buds!). She likes to growl whenever Bug cries or whines, not to hurt him, but because she is a herding animal by nature & thinks she is in charge around here! But even after Bug fell asleep, she was very uneasy. I figured it was because Andy wasn't home, which is odd in the evenings. All night, she was pacing & growling, though. Even after he came home....

So Saturday comes & we decided to have a movie night with the boys. We are going to watch Field of Dreams. We invited others, but no one came (you know who you are...!). So the lights are off and all four of us (& the Corgi) are on the couch. About 10 minutes into the movie, a shadow flickers in front of the big screen tv. "Andy...?" I say with trepidation. "What was that?" Then again it buzzes the tv, and I know this is something big & it is flying around the house! Andy starts laughing & says "Oh my goodness, there is a bat in the house". I think I might have sworn at this point (my memory is foggy as with any traumatic experience) then I screamed (I remember that!) and ran out of the room. But then I realize my boys are in there with this vampire creature and start yelling "get out! get out! rabies! Andy, grab it! run! everyone out of the living room!" and several other words of encouragement! Now our house is old, but my biggest freakin' doors in this house! None! Ok, one to the bathroom, but that is it. So I herd the boys into the only room with a door along with the corgi & shut them in. "Don't come out until I say so!" All I can think about is "rabies can kill people". I'm sure I heard on a episode of CSI or SVU that there is no cure for rabies and my 2 sweet little boys are so small they'd never survive a bat bite!!!

So, being the brave mom I am, I ask my darling husband what I can do to help. "Get me a pillowcase!" And then suddenly that scene in The Great Outdoors rushes from my memory. John Candy with a hockey mask on swatting at a bat with a tennis racket. Darn, we don't play either sports! We are not properly armed to battle this beast of the underworld! I know because of the construction to the front AND back of our home, we will have the scariest house on the street this Halloween, but I could do with the bats! "Ang...the pillowcase?" I'm actually cowering beside the dresser, hoping the creature doesn't enter the bedroom. I find the courage to run to the drawer with pillowcases, grab a handful and scurry off to find Andy. He tells me the nemesis has retreated upstairs. So we bravely climb the carpeted stairs...with our eyes toward the ceiling. I have since found a flyswatter and am armed for action. Andy states he has it trapped in a curtain in Bug's room. He is sure he can just finagle it into the pillowcase from there. He climbs onto of the armoir to get better positioning. He places the opening to the pillowcase just right and then, swoosh. The flying rodent darts out of the curtain and heads right toward me. I almost wet my pants! I scream bloody murder and hightail it down the stairs. I love my hubby, but he is on his own! I am outta here! I plummet to the bottom of the stairs, gracefully, I'm sure and burst into laughter. I cannot believe this stupid little mouse with wings has me so afraid! I hear Andy announce "I've got him! Open the front door!". And down comes my triumph hero with the creature inside a lovely yellow pillowcase. Being the humane man that he is, he says "I hope I didn't hurt him" and walks out the front to release Dracula back into the wilds of Marshall.

The boys are released from their sanctuary in the bathroom, and are very excited about the entire incident. Then, my genius 7 year old says "Mom, it was more scared of you then you were of it". First I think, he obviously has NO idea how scared I was and secondly, what a little doll he is! I then apologize profusely to my 3 year old who told me last night about the "bird in the house" and I didn't believe him. I check the boys over looking for signs of a bite, but Andy assures me that we would know if the bat had bitten them. Things settle back down and we finish our movie. Andy assures me the construction of the new porch has left an opening for the bat to enter and that is a rare event. And will be fixed on Monday. He'd better be right. I don't want to move again, but I will!

BASENAME: mic-see-ya-real

DATE: 09/26/2008 08:42:46 PM

You guessed it! We just returned from the House of Mouse (Disneyland) in sunny California! Mom and I had a 2 day conference, so Andy, Dad & the boys flew out & joined us for a long weekend! We all trekked through Legoland on Sunday, then on Monday, Mom & Dad flew home and the boys and I headed to Disney for a couple of days. Of course, we had a GREAT time! Bug has NO fear & wanted to ride everything he saw, and Bear rode his first roller coaster...and his second and third... After 7 years, we finally got him to try something new & he loved it!! I can HIGHLY recommend Disneyland in September. The weather was perfect and there were no lines! It was perfect! I've attached some pictures. Enjoy!


Grandpa, Bear & a lego Indiana Jones (2 of my boys' Heroes...Gpa & Indy!)


Not sure the 7 year old should be driving...!


I'm positive the 3 year old shouldn't be driving!


Bug always breaks out when I put sunblock on him. But on this day, his reaction was the shape of Mickey Mouse....weird, huh?


Chef of the day!


Too cute! Breakfast with Lilo!


...and Stitch!


Me & my boys!


The Main Mouse!


Bear was chosen to participate in the Jedi Training Program! Here he is defending the galaxy from Darth Vader!


"To infinity & beyond..."


4 roundtrip airline tickets....$800

4 passes to Disney....$200

countless meals and snacks....$400

This picture...priceless!

TITLE: You don't get bored at my house!

DATE: 09/16/2008 02:54:39 PM

So today provided a bit of excitement around here! We have an older home (built in 1910) and I think the front door is an original... well, not really but it is very old! It has a deadbolt that automatically latches when the door gets shut tight. The problem is, once shut, there is no way to open it from the outside. Late_summer_004

I decided to take Lucy out & tie her in the front yard. She likes the weather & can bark at the neighbors. I turned around in time to see Jude slam the front door shut and then I heard the latch. Like every stupid person, I tried to open the door anyway, knowing it was locked. Then I tried to kick it, maybe force it open. HA! That looks way easier in the movies. The reason I panic? We have no other way of getting INTO the house. Yes, a locked back door that is now five feet from ground level, but the keys to that door...on the kitchen table. I ran to the van to get my phone. Only to remember it is next to those keys...on the kitchen table. CRAP! Thankfully, Jude hasn't noticed and has wandered into the living room to watch tv. (I know because I've been peering through every window in the house trying to find him. I'm sure I'll find him looking for matches or running with scissors!) But no, Noggin has caught his attention. I run to my neighbors house to use her phone. Who do you call when you're child has locked you out? The person YOU locked out only 30 years prior, your MOM. "Help, Bug's locked me out of the house. Come right now!" I sputtered through hysteria & tears! My neighbors is as worried as me, but also as helpless! My thoughts are something like this: "Call the fire department! No, not yet. I'll just break out a window...which window do I want to replace? Yes, the laundry Late_summer_007room window is the smallest (therefor being the cheapest to replace). WAIT! It is open! I hung the comforter in there to dry & opened the window!" I grab the ladder from the garage & take it to the window. How did I NOT notice the storm window this morning. But sure enough, a nice storm window secured tightly to the house, prohibiting my entrance. CRAP! I run to the garage (nice & new, I might mention!) and grab a screw driver. Up the ladder again. I quickly realize there is not way I'm getting those screws out. So I use the flat head screwdriver to pry out the screen window. As I'm tearing up my window attempting to get in, Mom arrives with random keys and much needed support. I've finally removed the panel and am able to lean into the laundry room. "JUDE! are you alive?" "What Mom?" he yells back. Oh good, he hasn't even noticed! He finds me half hanging into the laundry room window (God bless my backyard neighbors. Their view of my rumpus out the window could not have been pretty). I realize though, I don't think I can actually get through the window without falling into the floor on the inside (a high window). Mom convinces me to move the ladder to the back door & try her keys. None work. Then she has a great idea! "Have Jude unlock the back door from inside". We rush back to the laundry room window and explain to Jude to open the back door. We all three (Mom & I on the outside, Jude on the inside) run to the back door. But Jude cannot seem to get it unlocked, which I'm actually grateful for normally, but now I really wanted him to figure it out! He is starting to cry because he can't get out, I'm starting to cry because I can't get INLate_summer_006 . We run back to the laundry room window & yell for Jude. I tell him "go to the kitchen table & get Mommy's keys. They have the YMCA cards on them". He says "I know those keys!" and off he goes. We watch him through the back door and sure enough, he pops up with the keys! "Now throw them out the laundry room window (I'm tired of moving the ladder!). "I can't". "Sure you can, throw them like a ball!" Silence and then, woosh, out the window come the keys! "Yah!!" we all yell. I return to the ladder now stuck down in the quagmire of sludge beneath the back door (thanks to the gallons of rain from Lowell & Ike). The keys opens the door & "voila", I am in.

Now in hindsight, I realize that panicking wasn't necessary and I could have managed to get myself through the laundry room window. And the premature thought of calling the fire department, was indeed, premature. But when you think you're child could be hurt or scared, you really don't think straight! Or at least I don't. Long story short...(too late, I know)...what in the heck did I do before kids!?! I was the laziest most boring person in the world!

TITLE: Are you ready for some Football?!?

DATE: 09/11/2008 07:33:45 PM

Ok, so I'm a few days late! September 4 marked a big day for us here at the Wells' household. I know some of you are thinking, our 9th wedding anniversary, but you're wrong. (we *moved* that to Saturday so it didn't interfere with OPENING DAY of the 2008-2009 FOOTBALL season!!! And could we have asked for a better duel. The almighty, awesome, World Champions, "all hail" The New York Giants vs the skins (boo, hiss). If you don't know us, we are HUGE Giants fans (thank you, Rich). Our license plates are Giants, our fish is named Giant, I wanted to name the Bug, Eli. BIG fans! The game was great (we won). And we are anxiously awaiting the next one, Sunday. For our 9th anniversary, we went to see On Golden Pond at the Lyceum and enjoyed a good meal at the Station. and we set a spend our 10th in Hawaii! We have to save a lot of $ and I have to lose some weight! But we are already excited about it!

Football_003 Football_007 Jude mom's shoes!

Little girl update...none. We did apply for a grant from Shaohannah's Hope this week. I have prayed about it almost constantly and ask you to do the same. A grant would be SO helpful and very appreciated. We won't know for a couple of months. I do have a good feeling that something exciting is going to happen this month. I just have a peace about everything right now, and really think we'll have good news soon! Maybe I'm just an optimist! I guess only time will tell!

TITLE: Busy times...

DATE: 09/03/2008 06:44:35 PM

Well, it has been a while since my last post. Things have been quite hectic around here, but are slowing down...or maybe I'm getting used to the "go go go" of life with 2 very active boys! Both the boys are in gymnastics this fall (thank you Nana for picking up the tab!) Bug is taking "swim & gym" which focus on swimming one day & gym the other. Bear is in beginner boys, which is a group of 10 boys learning rings, parallel bars, uneven bars & balance beam. So far he is amazing at it! Monday was the last day for us to use our great Christmas present from aunt Tiffy. A Day at Big Surf Water park. Plus we got to stay overnight night in her swanky new house! I'm green with envy! Rain has really kept the garage project moving slow, but we've selected the siding color & should see it on the building soon. Here are some pics of the last few weeks. enjoy!!

Late_august_2008_003 My boys enjoying their bubble bath!

Late_august_2008_006 Never let a man dress himself!

Late_august_2008_011 This is what a child who is allegic to sunblock looks like after a day at Big Surf!

Late_august_2008_012 And this is his brother!

TITLE: ...and the walls came tumbling down....

DATE: 08/19/2008 05:02:44 PM

And so did the satellite dish!


Today the deconstruction of the back porch began. We are replacing it with a 15x15 porch/laundry room. Anyone who has entered my home from the back porch knows what a big deal this is for me! Our old porch was not level to say the best! It had a nice slope to it, that developed over time. It has been the albatross hanging from my neck, taunting me and teasing me AND tripping me (awkward steps). Good riddance to it! Anyway, the old porch came down...on top of the satellite dish...oops!

Back_porch_001 My contractor (a very nice man) felt terrible & gave me the replacement costs, but I personally thought it won't hurt our family to go without tv for a bit! But then, I called Direct TV and they can't get here until FRIDAY!!! Yikes! I don't know about that long! I shuttered at having to tell my "tv addicted hubby". I lead with "there isn't anything too important on tv this week, is there?" I already knew the BIG TV EVENT of the week was Monday night football (in case you didn't hear, the Giants destroyed the Browns...GO GIANTS) so I was in the clear until he announced "The tighty whity finals are tomorrow night!" I've known my husband long enough to know, he was referring to women's beach volleyball. Last night he had trouble deciding between GIANTS football, and partially naked sweaty women flopping around in the sand! Thank goodness we had 2 tvs! I am trying not to take it personally! In all honesty, those are some of the hardest working athletes...who cares what they wear! They're pretty awesome. So, we might have to invite ourselves to grandma & grandpas for the game! Of course, I'm a big Shawn Johnson fan, and I'm gonna miss beam tonight...darn that porch! Still giving me grief in its afterlife.


TITLE: Millions of peaches, peaches for me!

DATE: 08/18/2008 09:41:21 AM

The Presidents of the USA said it best, "Millions of Peaches, peaches for me" and that is what it is like here. I have peaches out the wazoo, so let's get baking! The boys and I tried a "Peach Upsidedown cake" or they called it "The back to school cake". It was a hit!First_day_of_school_2008_006 First_day_of_school_2008_001 First_day_of_school_2008_005


And today was the first day of school! Bear went to first grade & Bug to pre-k. It was too cute this morning. Bear was telling Bug "The Ropes", you have to raise your hand, ask the teacher to go potty, no running or yelling in the get the picture. And Bug was so engrossed in this conversation. I wish he listened to me that well!

This was also the first day for my sister's boy. He is in kindergarten. Let's call him Fish! He is crazy about fishin'. Her little girl, "ellabella" is her nickname, also started Pre-k in the same room with bug...Look out Mrs. Sarah! You have your hands full!

Both my children left me in the dust the minute we got to school. No tears or fears, thank goodness. Well not from THEM anyway. I might have had to pull out a tissue or two! I'm counting all the things I can do between the hours of 8 and 3. But mostly, I want to drive by the playground to see if they're outside playing! I miss my boys... maybe I should take a nap!! Here are some pictures!First_day_of_school_2008_007_2


First_day_of_school_2008_009 First_day_of_school_2008_012


"No more pictures, Mommy!"First_day_of_school_2008_011

Fish is lovin' Kindergarten! Look at that smile!!

TITLE: Other stuff

DATE: 08/17/2008 12:16:53 PM

Olivia, Jack & JudeAugust_2008_001

Last week my Grandpa was admitted to the hospital with pneumonia. He was back home in 3 days thanks to the good nurses & staff at Fitzgibbon, but still isn't feeling the best. Please keep him in your prayers. We enjoyed dinner with him & Bunny (my grandma) last week & some other family. Also, in other big news, we have a garage...almost anyway! We moved here in April and have been desperate for storage space. Our home is great, built in 1910. But NO closets or storage. The new garage has a great attic area for our off season stuff, plus the over sized garage (30x30) will have room for 2 cars plus lots of extra space for tools, bikes, etc. It will be so great to have this winter! After the garage project, we move onto a new 15x15 back porch and laundry room. August_2008_003

Grandma Bunny, Bug & Bear

August_2008_004 Pop, The Bug & the Bear

August_2008_012 I love the smell of lumber in the morning!

TITLE: If only....

DATE: 08/16/2008 09:47:02 PM

If only everyday was as wonderful as today.... This is the last Saturday before Jack heads off to 1st grade & Jude to pre-k. Andy had 2 shows today, so the boys I decided to head out to enjoy the beautiful weather and our "last day of freedom" (until Thanksgiving break). Our first stop was "The Peach Farm" which is exactly that, a farm that grows August_2008_014peaches! We had a blast feeding the goats & sampling the wonderful peaches (not to mention dropping $27 on peaches for baking...what was I thinking?!?) Next stop THE MALL (for mommy). We rode the carosel, did a bit of school shopping, hit Barnes & Nobles, and played on the oversized plastic germridden playland equipment! Good times! But, that wasn't enough exposure, so we headed to "Go Bonkers" indoor fun center laced with tunnels/tubes/nets for climbing through, jumping on and overall choas! The boys had a ball, but mommy was a bit frazzeled after that one, I guess I "went bonkers"..ha! We took a vote on our dinner stop... August_2008_018RED LOBSTER won! (thank goodness Bear has a bit of class, BUG voted for McDonalds...again...we had lunch there) Of course, my hubby doesn't consider Red Lobster "fine dining"...he is from Maine afterall, but Bear & I LOVE it! Now, I have to brag. I have never been so proud of my boys. They were the shinning image of what every young man should be. Kind, considerate, well mannered & down right handsome! The manager even made an effort to come to our table & comment on how well behaved my children were! I almost cried. It was a great moment for me! One of those moments I may never have again...aaahhh. We August_2008_017enjoyed a movie on our way home (actually I drove, the boys took in the movie). Got home & into pjs, and read our new books we picked up at the mall. Then lights out! No fits, no fights, no "NO Mommy", it was perfection. I shall cherish it, forever. I sure do love my boys...they are my best friends. Well, I'm off to read through my new book "Proud Heritage", a book of African baby names! Gotta start thinking about that! And since Andy's not here, I might catch a Jon & Kate plus 8 (my guilty pleasure!) Love to all! Enjoy the pictures!August_2008_032August_2008_031

TITLE: The Good, The Bad and the downright Ugly

DATE: 08/13/2008 10:40:01 AM

The GOOD: Nana & Pop stayed with us for a week!

The BAD: My boys behavior on our car ride to St Louis!

The UGLY: The water logged mess awaiting Nana & Pop when they returned home last night! (busted water pipe!!)

What a week we've had here! Leaving behind temps that soared into the triple digits, it has been perfect weather for our visit with Nana & Pop. Their much anticipated arrival was last Wednesday. The boys & I greeted them at the airNana_pops_visit_summer_2008_033_4port with hugs & kisses. As always, we had a great time during their visit. We enjoyed time with the boys & then took in Andy's show at the Lyceum(Arsenic & Old Lace) for an adults evening out! Nana always helps me out SOOO much! She did laundry (an amazing women!) read the boys books each night, and overall spoiling of the children! We celebrated Bear's 7th birthday and ventured a trip to the St Louis Zoo (a 3 hour car ride each way!) We decided to head out on Sunday after Andy's matinee and spend the night. Then hit the zoo early Monday! So after waiting 2 hours for Daddy to get home from his photo shoot at Lyceum, we were finally on our way. But by 8:00pm the melt down began (only 1 hour into the trip). The DVD wasn't working exactly right, Bear was uncomfortable in his car seat, Bug was plain ole cranky and Mommy broke down into tears! What fun?!? But things settled down (thanks to God) and we rolled into the Drury Inn with a 2nd meltdown looming!! The next day we had a great time exploring the zoo. We hit the Dinosaur exhibit, Bear LOVED it! We watched the 5 new tiger cubs play with their Mother, braved the cold & stinky penguin habitat (well worth itNana_pops_visit_summer_2008_102!) and stuffed our faces with overpriced cafeteria food before hitting the road. The trip home was great! Both boys took naps, while the adults enjoy some grownup music (50s & 60s sock hop!). But all good things come to an end and we had to return Pop & Nana to the airport yesterday for their flight back to Maine. Again, the 2 hours to the airport were very pleasant (due to full bellies from an early Applebees lunch!) We always miss Nana & Pop throughout the year, but the weeks after a visit are always the most difficult! But, we are already counting the days to our CHRISTMAS VISIT to MAINE! We'll get to see the wholNana_pops_visit_summer_2008_073e family in December! We are planning on driving (for now) but may end up flying! Not sure yet! We've been wanting to do a road trip for a while, plus plan on stopping at Hershey on the way. But maybe we'll have *baby girl* by then & flying will be the best. We'll see! Enjoy our pics of Nana & Pop's visit!

Nana_pops_visit_summer_2008_066 Nana, Pop, Andy, Bear & Bug on our way to Church!

TITLE: Lucy Lu!

DATE: 08/07/2008 03:05:34 PM

Here is the furriest member of our family. She is quite a handful (more stubborn that any of my boys!)

Lucy_009 Lucy Lu Wells (aka lucyfur, loubell, lucille) at 6 weeks...


Summer_2008_029 Lucy at 1 year...look at those ears!!


TITLE: Jude turns 3!

DATE: 07/31/2008 10:23:11 AM

So, Jude turned 3 on July 7 (yes, I'm very late posting this one!). He had a great swim party at Gma's & Gpa's. Gabby & Lex joined in the festivities! We missed Nana & Pop, and Lisa, Dan & the girls, but are counting the days until Christmas!! A whole 2 weeks in Maine! We cannot wait! No news on baby girl yet! Anxiously waiting... :)

Jude_turns_3_007_2 Jude_turns_3_013

TITLE: Flying bicycles & wiggly teeth

DATE: 07/29/2008 10:00:31 PM


So, Bear FINALLY has a loose tooth. Everyone in his Kindergarten class lost at least one tooth last year, but not Bear. He woke with the great tooth is wiggly! And it was...ugh! I sure hope Andy is here when it comes out, I don't do blood.

Bug is having some "growing pains" longer a baby, not quite a big boy. The trying 3's have arrived, introducing us parents to 2008_great_wolf_lodge_trip_012an impressive display of temper tantrums. Hence, the "flying bicyle". It went like this..."Bug, you have to share that toy bicyle with Henry" "NO, I DON'T SHARE" and with that, the toy bicylce went flying across the room wacking the poor daycare worker in the face..yes, the face, resulting in a black eye." needless to say, I'm beyond embarassed that he did this, but mostly worried that he'll do it again! He was disciplined at daycare and then I made him tell everyone what he did (Gma, Gpa, Daddy & Kyra). He seemed remorseful, but he's likely to forget by tomorrow! What is a parent to do? So before I drop him off tomorrow, I will say "no pushing, no hitting, no bitting, no spitting food or drinks, no talking back, no running with sharp objects AND no throwing toy bicycles"...the list grows longer everyday...and I'll end it with, "Remember, I love you". It is hard to be 3.

TITLE: Our request

DATE: 07/26/2008 02:11:16 PM

Last night was very exciting for us! We made our official requests for our agency to present to the Burundi government! The process for Burundi is a bit different than some countries. We send in our formal request and hope to get 2 or 3 profiles of children to select from. Then we submit all of our paperwork requesting that particular child(ren). It reads "We prefer one healthy female child, we will consider healthy female twins (if under the age of 2)". Like most women, I've secretly desired twins. I don't know what it is, but I think the experience would be a wonderful one! Plus I'm addicted to John & Kate plus 8. If she can do 6, I can do 2...right?!? Keep us in your prayers...

TITLE: The First Time

DATE: 07/20/2008 05:08:57 PM

Hello friends & family & those who may stumble upon our site. My name is Angie and I am a first time blogger. We have family all over the states & what better way to keep them up to date on our family. Andy and I live in rural Missouri in a great little town. We live 3 blocks from my parents. Andy's folks live in Maine and we don't get to see them nearly enough, but they are a huge part of our family! When Andy and I met, we spoke of adoption from the beginning. God blessed us with two Bio sons (who we will affectionately call by their nicknames in this blog) Bear & Bug. Bear is 6, soon to be 7 and Bug just turned 3. July of 2006, we began our journey for our daughter. In October 2007 we received a LID in China (10/18/07). For those unfamiliar with the adoption world, LID means Log In Date. We are officially in line to receive a referral. But the wait time has grown tremendously. We were contacted by our agency in Seattle, AMERICANS ADOPTION ORPHANS, about a new program in Africa. A small county in central Africa, just 2 years out of its civil war...Burundi. We felt God laid this opportunity in front of us and we jumped! We signed up and are now anxiously awaiting our next steps... We'll keep you updated!July_2008_001July_2008_039

"The Bug & the Bear"